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DSP Premier - Studio Chat For Teachers



  • Dyanna Daniels

    Is it possible to see chats that teachers have with parents or students? 

  • Erin Martin

    I am not able to see the chat icon in my "studio owner" ipad class manager. Is there a reason for this? Are the main admin accounts not allowed access to the parent portal app or the teachers ipad class manager logging in with the studio owner email and password? I can't see anything on my end except from the chat tab from the DSP dashboard of chats I've sent out. But I don't know if anyone has seen them or not. 

  • Melissa M.

    Hi Erin!

    At this time, the chat icon is not visible through the Admin view (Magic > iPad Class Manager). It is visible (if enabled for teachers) on the teacher's individual iPad Class Manager link.

    I hope this helps! 


  • Lizz Sumners

    Hey! This is an awesome feature and I'm in the 40 day free trial period.. as a firm 2 year user of Band I'd like to know if the following features are in the works!

    1. Able to edit chat rooms- once I have set my people it won't let me add to the chat.

    2. SOUND NOTIFICATIONS. I get just a silent notification on my phone and the sound is turned on in the settings on my iphone.. maybe I don't know how to fix this (I have a parent app because my daughter dances so I messaged myself and others did too and nothing so idk if this is on developer end or if I need to turn something on).

    3. Read notifications. I know it said somewhere if the message isn't read you get notified.. but I love the feature of knowing exactly WHO did in fact read the information send out... like a group message bar where everyones little faces go to that message when they open.. that sort of thing?

    4. Delete... How do we delete a chat thread. lol

  • Erin Martin

    Thanks for responding to my question above, Melissa.

    Another question: Any chance more chat features such as uploading videos can be available in the near future? We are video heavy with our communication with parents. We send rehearsal videos out daily...sometimes a few at a time... as we record them during rehearsals. It would be nice to directly upload them to the chat like we do with Band App that has a nice thumbnail image for parents to click on. Uploading to youtube, then getting a link and sending it out is a bit too time consuming for us, and not all of our teachers are linked to our YouTube account to upload videos. So... is a video feature something that will be available in the near future? I think that key feature will determine if we decide to continue with premiere. We like the chat and text portion...but to be able to send videos in the chat directly is a huge plus for us (typically just 1-3 minute videos). Thanks for adding new features and always updating DSP features. That's one reason why we have continued with DSP for so long; you guys are great! 


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